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Guide Data for Fox Sports Mid West
Hello Admin,

I am loving the service you are providing and want to start out by saying thank you for the work.  I have noticed that I am getting some incorrect guide data around the Fox Sports Mid West Channel.  Currently as of this writing I am watching a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, but the guide says that In The Spotlight should be on.

Thank you for your kind words!
I am glad you like our service.

I am assuming, you talk about

We get the same data as listed here:

If you see something else, either they changed something in the broadcasting suddenly and we have the old data, because we update the EPG only once a day, or your IPTV provider has a delay in the broadcasting or they simply bullshitting you, based on the legality of your service.

There are also 1000 different other reasons why you might see different data.
For example you simply loaded the wrong tvg-id. There are half a dozen Fox Sports Mid West channels with different programming.

It is also a question if you see a time shifted version of the right data or you see a completely different set of data (form a different channel for example).

Please read the FAQ about what to do when you see no data or you see data from a different channel or you see a timeshifted version of the data.
Thanks for the quick response.  I just had mine mapped to as my m3u did not have any more information than that.  I have made the change to and will wait on my guide data to update.  Crazy Fox Sports channels.

To be sure I changed the source of as the old source has a history for switching channels for same ID.

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