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NHL center ice no data
I've tried both NHL center ice channels and none are giving me any data at the moment.
Because most of those sport channels do not have data except a match is going on.
We actually never wanted to add those channels, because they are always empty, but users wanted to have them. Now you have them.

You don't really think that they can fill two dozen channels with games for 24/7, do you? Smile
You can be happy if half of them have something when a world cup or Olympia happens.
As a matter of fact I checked when the games were on.  There was no data for either.  I am a huge NHL fan, so wanted to make sure I had a EPG when the games were on.  And neither of the options worked.  I know they do not populate if a game is not on.  Please fix.
Actually there are 33 NHL Center Ice channels in our list:
You talk about "both", so I assume, you are missing something big time here Big Grin

All of those channels except one have 28 shows in the database.
Probably telling "No programming" or something like that.

I am not sure what Center Ice is, but obviously it is not a regular tv channel and there is no EPG data for it on DirecTV, Dish or TVPassport nor anywhere else.
It's some sort of VOD package which you can buy separately.
VOD packages are mostly useless in regard of EPG.

We can only provide what is available.

Visiting DirecTV's NHL site, I see this:


This sports package is currently out of season.

Please check back again later to order online.

Yes I tried both the and so on and the nhlcenterice769 ones. Weird how I still get the center ice channels on 2 providers and they work no problem. I know they are center ice channels because they have the nhl center ice slashscreen during commercials. But I guess directv has no epg data. I know the games are shown on regional channels however the quality for the center ice channels are much better.

Thanks for replying.

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