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Wrong language for french channel EPG (2)

EPG for : (already reported a month ago but never corrected) (already reported a month ago but never corrected)

are supposed to be in french but they are (seems to be) in Dutch.
best regards
I changed the source, however the new source will kick in incrementally, which means, only new data will come from it.

ALso changed the tvg-id for Nat Geo.
Thanks for support
I noticed yesterday that all was working properly even Nat geo with previous tvg-idSmile
but this morning I changed the tvg-id of nat geo
and it does not work anymore (no EPG), maybe I have to wait for a server update
thanks again
Best regards
Smile Grrr Smile
Read the FAQ.
Based on your hardware and software you need to refresh the data or even delete the data and reimport and/or disable local caching.
NatGeo was imported right and has data under which you can find in our channel list linked at the top of the page.

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