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Thai channels
I don't get EPG for my Thai channels? and I wonder why
I have choose get epg for Thai group
Stop spamming the forums.
You will get a reply when we have an answer.
We do not have 24/7 support.
We did not promise you that and we also did not promise you a reaction time of 10 minutes.
So be patient and you will get your reply.

And in the mean time you can read the forums and learn the site and then you will learn how the site works and you will know why you don't have your epg.

I deleted your other topic.

If you want to keep your attitude, you better quit now.
Ok, I should not write again so I wait for yours answer
Half of the channels had no EPG indeed.
We fixed that.

As far as I understand, you didn't have EPG at all.

It was because you didn't watch the tutorial video on the main page to learn how to use the site.
Also read the FAQ.

I shouldn't have to tell this every time.

Setting the group to get EPG is not enough.
You need to edit your channels and add the tvg-ids to the channels.

There are two dozen other reasons why you might not getting EPG.
As written in the forum rules "doesn't work" is not a description which we can use to solve the problem.

Next time such a posting will be deleted without a comment.

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