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Air date
Is there a way to get air dates included in the IPTV's EPG data?  I currently have to preview a lot of programs to know if they are years old or recent.
No, there is no way for getting that data.

Some sources provide data about premieres and replays, but that's it.

Very few sources provide original air date and our system can not process that data, because it is mostly irrelevant for us and for our users.

If you need that data, try Gracenote or other Metadata agency.
Thanks for letting me know it's unavailable, but to say it's not relevant to the user?  Who's user's say that?  I want it and I'm a user. Ok, I'll concede this, you did say "mostly". I don't see that Gracenote has an EPG service at the user or retail level.
You can contact Gracenote as a regular person, but of course they don't offer EPG on an end user level, but if you are an IPTV provider, you can surely talk to them.

They are also not the only ones, although they are buying up almost all the competition.

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