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Sky Cinema Classic Italy empty
Hi, some days ago (here) I asked to add Sky Cinema Classic Channel. The channel now is present, but EPG is empty:

[Image: 4z7CGg1.png]

I don't know, but maybe the correct TVG-ID is "". 

There are dozens of topics about Sky Italia being a crappy company, messing up everything every time.

Before you complain here about missing channels, please ALWAYS check the official source and the internet, if the channel even exists yet.
THEN you check your account and your xml file.

And when you didn't find anything wrong there, THEN I will be happy to fix it.

If you go to the official sky website (or any italian TV Guide site), you will see that there is no trace of a channel called Sky (Cinema) Classics.
I can't fix, what doesn't exist.
If I could, you would call me "god".

It will eventually appear again, then you will have EPG again.
Until then please contact Sky Italia and ask them why they are stupid. Big Grin

I changed the tvg id to
I'm sorry guy... you have reason! I don't know why my host has left on the list this channell... and I was sure that it already exist, but not... Sky has removed it! I'm sorry, was my mistake!
The channel was there, when you asked for it, but then apparently it was removed again.

It's the fault of Sky Italia mainly.

Your "fault" was just not making it sure before assuming, that it is our fault. Smile
That is what I really don't like Smile

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