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NL Discovery HD (Showcase)

Can you please add Discovery HD NL? This is not the same channel as Discovery NL. Both have different EPG:

Discovery HD Guide

Discovery Guide

Thanks a lot!
That channel doesn't exist anywhere.

The only place it exists is that mobile site, which lists programming as "Today", "Tomorrow", "After Tomorrow", which is probably a leftover and that programming is months old.
If I can't approve the date of the schedule, I can't add it to the list.

As far as I remember we had that channel in the list, but we took it out because it disappeared.
It doesn't even exist on the mobile site's parent site

This is from Wikipedia:

Quote:In May 2012 Discovery Networks Benelux launched a HD simulcast of Discovery Channel in the Netherlands and Belgium, replacing Discovery HD Showcase and was first introduced by UPC Netherlands.

The channel doesn't even exist on

It also doesn't exist on UPC's schedule

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