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Enigma2 not working

IPTV EPG stopped working on enigma2 with epg import. It seems the file is broken on server.

Would you be so nice and could check this?

Thanks in advance
No it is not.
You just simply don't know what you are doing.
Unfortunately I don't know either, so I can't help.

You have 4 or 5 m3u files.
You have 800 channels selected but your account allows only 500.
Your m3u files are full with VOD movies.

You need to update your files on Enigma every time you change something in the editor and I don't mean the xml file.
If you don't do that, your EPG won't work of course.

You also need to upload all the enigma files to your box if you want them all working.
Oh, you are a different guy.
I mixed you up.
There is no registered account with the email address you used here.

We can't help if we can't look at your account.
Also I don't like to do support in forum private messages.
Please use email for such problems.

Also why do you disable private messaging, after you contacted me by private message?

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