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M3u Editor available
we have released our basic m3u editor.

New festures will be added soon.
Im having a problem..... I used a small M3U list URL as a test and now Im not able to see my previous channels selection as it is showing only the ones listed on the M3U being used on the editor......Somehow, my previous list is still being read by the Kodi Simple Client but I cant seem to find a way to get back to it on your site as it only shows the channels on the M3U list instead... I need the full channels list please....
Click the m3u editor at the top of the website and upload the full m3u.
Unfortunatelly you have to go through with it now.
You have your stuff in Kodi, because it saves everything in its cache.
I will create a tutorial video, how to use it.
In a few days you will also be able to upload more than one m3u files.
No..... I Only used a short (11 channel) M3U URL as a test....Just wanted to see the options.....However, Im stuck with it now..... I need to delete any associattion to the m3U list that your site created and go back to my original channel list..... For the moment, I will continue using Xtream Editor........
You need to understand that this editor is not there for just messing around with m3u files.

It's there to not needing to mess around with m3u files at all just for getting a working epg.
Or at least making it as easy as possible.
Attila, I should be able to see what it does before i decide to switch from a service I already paid to yours.....The only way to do that is to actually test it... Come On !!! You know that ! Im not messing with anyhing.... There is no warning whatsoever thst clicking on the M3U editor icon will actually get you in trouble if you decide not to use it...or Am I stuck with it for life??? I guess not, right ?
Don't panic!
It's not finished yet.
I already told it.
Im not panicking... I know you have a always do !! I just have one question.....How do I access my full channels list in the meantime ???? I Hope I can !!
Same kind of problem for me.
My m3u doesn't work and now on the m3u editor part there is nothing, only the title and on my channels, only the links to the m3u and my old epg link but i can't delete my m3u to select my channels
I deleted your m3u files.
You can access your xml normally.

Please send me your m3u files in an email, so we can analyze them and see if there is something that caused the problem.

And no, I won't steal your m3u files and I won't spread them on the internet, I won't even open it in a media center  Big Grin

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