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HBO Panama Not Working

I have problems with the EPG for all of HBO channels from Panama, none of them work ,
 i try to reload the XML but is not showing data

Thanks in advance
All your groups in your m3u are set to NO EPG.
No wonder you don't get EPG.

You know that you can visit your account and manage your m3u files, rigt?
This is not a "one click and forget" thing here.
yes, that's because i am working only on the channels that i see, 

only "SERIES & MOVIES" and "SPORTS" groups are available in my front end

the only groups that i need to have EPG are those two... HBO is on the SERIES & MOVIES group,

maybe i have something wrong, but i set up as a "GET EPG"  on channel and group option

i download the XML and i see the information....

well.. i will try to fix on my end.. thanks for the service


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