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Channel Request Canada - Source change for beIN Sports
Dear Admin,

I kindly would like to ask the following:

As I cannot see 100% which source you use for the Canadian Channels I would like to ask if you use this:

if not - this is the most accurate list what I have seen so far. If you do not use this one is there a chance to change the source?

We use the same data as this

There is absolutely no difference between the two as they are basically the same site and most probably use the same data.

Just because you have the feeling that you see more on that site, I won't start fiddling around with the data.

You need a strong reason and a proof that the other page has a different data, for me considering a switch.
I double checked with the channel the program flag and the page I gave you is the 100% accurate. the other one has lots of gaps and wrong programming information. But if you do not want to change it I will not bother you.
I changed the source for the channels available under the URL you linked.

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