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New version released (30.1.2019)
We have released a new version of the Samsung TV app which has a new function.
Now you can switch back to the last watched channel by clicking the left arrow on your remote control.
I just installed the new version and this won't load as the bouncing spots screen is displayed but nothing else. EPiG was working fine yesterday with the version released a few days ago. I had installed that version as I had the bouncing spots problem. See

So I deleted the new release and re-installed the few days old version. But the bouncing spots issue remains.

Might this have something to do with the "Show M3U files in App" feature in Profile. It's very confusing to understand if the setting is on or off. If "Visible" is dark is it on or off? Also if this setting is changed how long does it take before the app picks this up?
Having fiddled about with this some more it seems that the "Show M3U files in App" feature is the cause of the bouncing spots. Seems to be good now.
Click the visible button and if it changes, then it is set to visible. If it doesn't change, then it was already set to visible.

I really don't understand, how people can't see that the dark button symbolizes that it is pushed deep into the surface, thus switched on.

It has shadows to signalize deepness.

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It's my experience that IT techies are often resistant to taking advice on user interface issues from mere users. How can users possibly know what works or doesn't work on such matters?

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