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Channels Adds
Please add USA Channels:

WWL CBS 4 New Orleans


These channels were already added and your topic moved to fulfilled channels forum. Why don't you follow up your own topics? Why do you make new ones instead?
Ok, I get it. One thing before you go off on paying customers, in your FAQ, it states most channels appear 24 hours after,
being added. These channels were added on 1-25-2019 according to posting date, and as of this date 1-28-2019 they still do not show in the Channel List, or via the Channel Search function. They also do not appear through the M3U editor.

I've cleared my browser cache. Tried with other browsers, none of which show the new channels were added.
Yes I reposted as a new topic, and that was probably wrong, but after 3 days and still no channels I felt it worthy to
resubmit those channels on the off chance that maybe they didn't post up correctly.

Then you should say that and not asking for the channel again.

The channel importing had a small bug and it was not running.
Now I fixed it.

I won't go off on you if you don't waste my time.

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