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Best Practice To Request Catch Up Service
I've been using IPTV-EPG in conjunction with Vaders to allow catch up with my IPTV-EPG m3u and, baby is it sweet!
I just recently discovered my backup now also offers catch up through their m3u, but when attempting to upload it
I get, "We could not download the M3U file from the URL you provided."
If I would like to request this service be looked into for IPTV-EPG to allow it's catch up similar to Vaders, what information would I need to
provide you with, if it's even something you'd be willing to look into?

Thank you very much!
If you get that message then something is wrong with the url, please make sure that you didn't forget a space at the beginning or the end by copy+pasting it...

Or the provider blocking us somehow to call their links from them unknown IP addresses.

Right now we also seem to have issues with m3u uploads, but it'S probably not the problem in this case.

Please contact us by email with your registered email address and the link to your m3u file, so we can check it.

We actually do not make catch up happen. We can only assure that everything gets imported in the m3u, what your provider adds to the file making catch up working.
Thank you for your reply. I have followed up with an email that I hope I explained well lol.
(01-26-2019, 10:23 PM)atomicsunset Wrote: Thank you for your reply. I have followed up with an email that I hope I explained well lol.

Please do not hesitate to share your findings (and solution) as I am also using Vaders Wink

If you use Perfect Player or any other player that uses this feature, you can add |catchup=XC at the end of your M3U link.

Please note that this works only if your provider enabled Cath Up services and if it uses Xtream Codes Panel as streaming server.
Bezman, I've had no issues with vader's using their m3u url through IPTV-EPG. I just upload and then use the IPTV-EPG url in perfect player and it works as intended. I was talking about a provider that I don't know if they even know they're pushing catch up through their M3u, but with that |catchup=XC I was able to get working, I just had to append it to the end of the IPTV-EPG url in perfect player. I couldn't upload my providers M3U to IPTV-EPG with it appended, but adding to the custom works fine.

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