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Updating m3u

I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something incorrectly.

I use a service where I can edit my m3u and it creates a live download link. I've linked EPG-IPTV to this link and it works fine for the first time download.

When I then edit my m3u on the other service (such as changing the order or adding or removing channels), the EPG-IPTV m3u doesn't update. When I click on the button "Force sync", it says it is updating and to wait a few minutes, but it never updates or changes the m3u.

If I add the m3u as new (using the same URL), then the changes come through on the new link, but not on the old one. If I download the m3u from the other service's link then I can see the changes have definitely come through.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Thank you!
What do you think exactly, what this site does?

Stop using Xtream Editor.
Or at least do not link an m3u from there to here.

Our site does all that what Xtream Editor does and even more and better.

You just create a huge mess.

It's like you would plug a power cable into its own socket and you would wait for power.

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