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EPG List is not working
Hallo,my three M3U List(iptv-epg)and my IPTV-EPG Programm List will not working!The " Links" are dead,no TV and no EPG is working.The orginal M3U List is ok,all channels is working,and I can look all TV Channels with no Problems!!Android PerfectPlayer with Tablet and Android TV Box is not playing IPTV-EPG.COM Links.Windows 10 Laptop with Kodi Simple Client is dead with the my Links.
Shit Rolleyes
It seems that there are some problem with DNS. With my phone connection is ok, with home fiber connection I reach a ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED on browser. I can't ping domain.

Problems confirmed by an Host-tracker test:

Solved now. Wink Domain reached again!
The last Shit,nothing is working,no EPG.The Links are dead,no Channels from the Master M3U File,what that?Kann man zur Zeit nur von abraten,Geld nicht wert!
Maybe you have not read so well the FAQ.....
Andrea75a you are a Fake from IPTV-EPG?Give me my Money back!
This is not how things work here.
Calm down, read the FAQ, use your brain and then contact us with your registered email address.

btw you have signed and agreed to a "no refund" policy twice.
Just saying!

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