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Cloned m3u file results in duplicate m3u
Scenario: I wanted to have separate m3u files for VOD Movies and VOD TV. 

I imported a m3u from a link and configured it to exclude everything but VOD Movies. Downloading the resultant m3u file only contained movies and looked good.

I then cloned the m3u and edited it to exclude everything but VOD TV. Downloading the resultant m3u file only contained tv episodes and looked good.

After cloning the original, both m3u links return now only the tv episodes from the cloned m3u. This happens regardless if I edit and save either the original m3u or the cloned one.

My expectation would be unique content in the m3u files. A couple of notes; I imported the same m3u link again instead of cloning and this works fine for my usage so I wouldn't consider this a serious bug. I also noticed that after the empty m3u issue happening earlier I had to click "Save all groups" for all of my m3u files except the one I cloned. Once I had clicked "Save all groups" on the cloned m3u both it and the original are now returning results from the cloned m3u. It's not the desired result but I think it points to both the original m3u and cloned one looking to the same data to generate the file.

Sorry it took so long.

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