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icons selection
Howdy.  Okay, I searched the forum, the FAQ, and Google to try to get the best information for what "Use IPTV-EPG Icons" vs "Use icons from source where possible" options entail to try to decide what is best for my xTeve->Plex setup.  

Right now, I'm using "Use IPTV-ENG Icons."  The xTeVe information loads and has links from to the icon files.  However, those icons do not load into xTeVe or into Plex.

Interestingly, I followed the link to some for example which ends in a 404 error.

I'm not sure all of them are the same thing as dead links, but I'd say roughly 40-50 or so of my 400~ channels are showing blank icons from the m3u/xml import.

I just want to go the best route to resolve and have icons for most everything showing up.  No complaint for them being dead links meant by this.

Input and advice appreciated. 
We talked many times before about this and it's also explained in the FAQ actually.

We add icons continuously, but it's at the bottom of our priority list.
All channels have an icon url.
Look at our channel list at the top of the page to see which channels have icons.

If you use the "use source icon if possible" will use icons from your m3u file where there is an icon.
If no icon there, then it will use the icons from our site.
If you added a custom icon url to your channel in the editor if you found one on the internet, then it will use that.

So simple Wink
Perfect. I searched FAQ topics and none matched either "Use IPTV-EPG Icons" or "Use icons from source where possible" and there were a great many topics to skim through. Apologies there.

This makes great sense to me and gives me a beer project.
I'm struggling with this.

I have Tvheadend set up, and IPTV-EPG grabs the m3u from my tvheadend server.

It has the correct url's for icons in it:
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="a8a3d72bae447bec68841e692d149039" tvg-chno="1",NPO 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="202399fe2d217e8a1104791ffb95a1b4" tvg-chno="2",NPO 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="04e1d726faa9ca012425c16165445aca" tvg-chno="3",NPO 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="c2346d771fea56d2fce9304fa70e8a90" tvg-chno="4",RTL 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="22c8aeadb50a41430a361212d97aacc1" tvg-chno="5",RTL 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1 logo="" tvg-id="639d914478b55085b3971cb00bca914d" tvg-chno="6",SBS6 HD

Now i want the epg guide to use the use the icon from the m3u file, not from the iptv-epg site. But i can't find the option "use source icon if possible" anywhere. 

As alternative i tied adding the urls for the icons manualy in the my channels editor. But the xmltv file doesn't update and keeps the original icons:
<channel id="">
   <display-name lang="nl">NPO 1 NL</display-name>
 <icon src=""/><lcn>1</lcn></channel>
<channel id="">
   <display-name lang="nl">NPO 2 NL</display-name>
 <icon src=""/><lcn>2</lcn></channel>
<channel id="">
   <display-name lang="nl">NPO 3 NL</display-name>
 <icon src=""/><lcn>3</lcn></channel>
The editor is an M3U editor, not an xml editor.
The "use source icon" is an option for the m3u file.

You do not let the site grab the m3u from your server, but you let your server grab the (edited) m3u file from the website.

You do it completely wrong.

You do not edit the xml matching your m3u file.
You edit your m3u file to create your xml file.

The xml file always uses the icons from the website.
There is no way around it.

Tell your tv-headend to use the icons from the m3u file.
If you can not do that, then contact the developers of that tv-headend and tell them to add that feature.

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