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"EPG contains incorrectly formatted data" error message

These are my hardwares.

- Fire stick 4k
- Samsung smart-tv

This happens sometimes when I have installed the app - this doesnt happen on my samsung tv btw. 
I put in the code when starting, and then I get the white screen with the message above 
""EPG contains incorrectly formatted data""... based on this I would guess this is a bug or something related
to my fire stick and/or the app for firestick.

Would ppreciate if someone has any info. as to how solve this issue.


Your post was in the wrong forum. It is an Android App bug report, not a website bug report.
Please pay attention. Wink

You have special characters in your 3rd m3u, like "\" at the ends of the titles.
Never use special characters in titles! It is not only childish and ugly, it also breaks things not just on our site.

We will fix this issue on our site this week, so you won't be able to import special characters in m3u files, but for now your best option is to edit those titles, which probably won't help, because some of your channels were so malformatted in the original m3u file, that it doesn't even show up in the editor, but it's in the m3u file.

Beside this you try to load over 32 thousand vod titles which will automatically crash any app.

Do you really want to do that?
We have fixed the issue with the special characters.
Maybe you have to reimport your m3u file.
The app should start now, although as I said, loading 32000 vod titles will most probably crash it.

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