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Copy config to another user
I have been using your service for a few months and I am very happy with it. I also have several friends and family that subscribe to the same IPTV services as I do that are now interested in your service so they can group and arrange their channels in a more user friendly manner. Basically, they would like to arrange their channels the exact same way that I have arranged mine. 

I noticed an option to Change the Username/Password and thought I would try it but it doesn't seem to do what I'm looking for. Because most of my family and friends are not very computer savvy I would like to have them simply signup for your service and then copy my configuration to their account. I tried to do a backup of my configuration and then restore it to their account. Then I used the change Username/Password to change their username and password to their M3U and EPG credentials. This works well at first but at the next file sync it lists ALL of the channels as deleted and then ALL of the channels as new and I then lose all of my custom grouping. 

Is there a way that I can easily import or restore a configuration to another subscription assuming that they are using the same IPTV provider and only have different credentials?
We are glad that you like our service!

That should be the way, how you do it.
We will look into it this week, please be a bit patient.
We looked into it and it works as intended.

Changing usernames and urls doesn't allow mistakes and you don't get a warning.

Use "change username and password" for changing username and password within your m3u file for the channel stream links.

Use "change domain / URL" for changing the url of the streaming links inside the m3u file.

Use "change the url of the m3u file" for changing the url of your original m3u file. You have to write the whole url of the m3u file in both fields, so if you have username/password in your url, you have to add the url with the old name and password and you have to add the url with the new username and password.

If there are two m3u files merged into one, then you don't have that option obviously.

In your case, you can change the url only in your vader m3u.

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I did a backup for Account#1 and restored it to Account#2. Then I used the Change URL of M3U file. I entered the new M3U URL that would be associated with the user for Account#2. Everything appeared to work fine but then after a Force Sync it told me that there were changes in my M3U file. It wanted to delete ALL channels and add them all back again and they came back as the default grouping and order as the original M3U file.

Am I missing a step or is this a problem?
Yes. You still have to change the user name and the password within the m3u files too!
It's option two on the image.
It's not one or the other. It's both.

If you call Julie's m3u file, but the links are for Steve, then of course the links won't match and the system will delete the old links and add the new ones.

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