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missing content
some channels EPG have no content as :

please fix it
All those channels have EPG and were updated normally, but I changed the source to a more reliable one just to be sure.

Still read the FAQ and watch the tutorial videos to learn how to use the site.
I just checked those channels. The epg show description of the channel instead of showing programs. for example:

<programme start="20181226050000 +0000" stop="20181226110000 +0000" channel=""><title lang="en">Al Yawm</title><desc lang="en">A pioneering Arabic channel in style; modern and fast rhythm, distinct and specialised, blending unique options in entertainment programmes. Featuring debates, meetings, celebrities, hair styles, hobbies, fashion, automotive, tourism and home decoration</desc><category lang="en">Arabic</category><icon src=""/></programme>
Then it was not "no content", but "wrong content".

You must be specific with your problem and you have to put some work into it, otherwise I will be exactly as lazy with my response.

You just still saw the old content from the old source, because only new data was added from the new source.
I changed that now.

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