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Empty EPG for some italian channels
Hi, some italian channels have empty EPG since some days. I have already checked on channel list and all have 0 shows. 
This is the list:
  • Discovery Channel IT (
  • Discovery Science IT (
  • Discovery Travel & Living IT (
  • Animal Planet IT (
  • Real Time IT (
  • Eurosport IT (
  • Eurosport 2 IT (
  • NOVE IT (
  • Giallo IT (
  • Sportitalia IT (
Thanks Wink
Sorry if I write here again, but maybe it's more easy to don't write all another time in a new topic. Anyway, the channels have EPG empty again.

Thank you.
ALl italian channel were updated normally.
Please read the FAQ to learn how to check if the problem is real or just on your end, before saying that it doesn't work.
Now it's ok, thanks, but was not ok 2 days ago.
I check any time all before post, and I check this time too and channel list and all channels above has got zero shows.
But it's not a problem... Now it's fixed. Thank you.
There was a DNS problem on our ISP's side, maybe that was the problem.
When I checked the shows, everything was okay.

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