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Improvement - TVHeadEnd - Prefix/Suffix
I noticed the new feature a few days ago and finally got around to playing with it and have a few suggestions for improvements.

First suggestion would be to be able to use variables.

This is purely cosmetic but one of the things you can do per stream is has ffmpeg encode the name/provider into the stream using 

-metadata service_provider=STRING1 
-metadata service_name=STRING2

The full prefix / suffix would look like this

pipe:///opt/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -loglevel fatal -re -i -vcodec copy -acodec copy -metadata service_provider=STRING1 -metadata service_name=STRING2 -f mpegts -tune zerolatency pipe:1

It would be nice for logging / cosmetic purposes to be able to have a variable for Channel Name and for Group Name maybe something like 
-metadata service_provider=%GroupName%
-metadata service_name=%ChannelName%

I do understand this could potentially be cpu intensive and be really slow if it has to parse each line and using a static name does not cause any issue.

Second suggestion would be if/then or conditional prefix/suffix.

There are multiple ffmpeg commands you will need to use depending on the type of video you are converting

videos that end in .ts usually can work by doing a straight copy vs .mp4, .mkv, or internet radio channels which need to be either copied with filters, or transcoded

Maybe have conditions to ignore all .ts, .m3u8 files, specify a certain string for mp4 and another for mkv, avi, etc.

I had a third but I cant remember what it was, will keep playing around with it, but so far very happy with the new feature.

To be honest I don't understand much from your text.

The suffix/prefix option is exactly what it looks like. It adds any text before or after the urls in the m3u.
What you put there is your cup of tea.

If you want to put there "STRING-1" then so be it.

We are not a tv-headend site.
You should declare your variables and ignore conditions on your tv-headend server.
I am sure, if there is a functionality and need for that in tv-headend, then it is or can be implemented there.
Ask their developers.

And sorry, but we won't create processor intensive features for things, only a few people would use.
So currently the only option is to prefix / suffix everything on the list or nothing at all, with no plans on fixing that?
What fixing?
There is nothing broken.

You asked for a suffix/prefix feature.
You got it.
What do you want from me?

We surely won't add a suffix/prefix option to every channel.
That's also not what you asked for and nobody else is using it except you.

I am not even sure that you know what you are doing, because I would assume that many more people would ask for it, if there were no solution for this in tv-headend itself.
Normally tvheadend users DONT use VOD because its such a pain to implement and not for beginners with having to hand craft/edit each source.

The need to a prefix/suffix is only needed for when the source is not a raw MPEG-TS format, i.e. MKV, MOV, MP4, AVI, etc.

Most of the people use it just for live tv which works great out of the box, and have no reason to attempt to do anything further.

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