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Vaders Catchup
The Vaders M3u file includes the fields catchup catchup-source and catchup-days.

These fields are not copied to the output m3u.   Could they be added?
Please send me your original m3u file per email and we will check it.
Catch-up support is on our todo list, but we didn't arrive there yet.
I've sent my M3U file to you via email.
Thank you!
I forwarded this to the programmers.
I can't promise that it will be implemented immediately, but we will do it ASAP.
TPK implemented catch up 3 weeks ago and your service disables this with this service as well.
The "Perfect Player" Android app seems to depend on past EPG entries in order to implement catchup.  For catchup can you add an option to provide EPG for say 7 days before the current day.
You have yesterday's data in your xml file.
We won't keep past 7 days in the xml file.
...I enjoy the catch up feature so i've unfortunately stopped using your service until this is fixed.
well there is a way around this(i think)..
what you could do is use webgrab to download your xml file from this site,it has the ability to save past days epg.
so it would take 7 days(downloading it once a day) to get the past 7 days epg.
thats it..
use the xml file webgrab creates instead of the one you would download directly,it should be identical except for the past days(catchup) epg.
I think he means the catchup tags in the m3u file.

We will add this on monday.
We coded it today but we don't like to release new stuff on the weekend.

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