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My own hml file
It would be good if I can upload my own hml file.
What is a hml file?
I have a m3u playlist from my provider and one .xml file, that is EPG for the channels, but my device does not support EPG from a static file, just from an Internet address ...
Sorry, my mistake, not hml, but xml...
And why would you want to upload a file manually every day or every week or every month or whatever time period your provider gives you that file, when you have this service with everything you need?

I don't think that we will allow to upload your own file anytime soon, because we would have to process that file which we don't really want to do not knowing where it comes from and how reliable it is etc.

There are file sharing services out there which will allow you to upload files to their servers for free, like dropbox, wetransfer, google drive and a dozen others.
With them you can practically do exactly that what you want to do.

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