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Custom icon urls only appearing in m3u file not in the EPG xml file
I updated the icon url for one of the missing IPTV EPG icons.  The custom url does show up in the m3u file but not in the epg xml file.

m3u file:
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="GSN US" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="79" channel-id="79" group-title="United States",GSN HD

epg xml file:
<channel id="">
    <display-name lang="en">GSN US</display-name>
    <icon src=""/>

Plex apparently uses the URL in the epg xml file not the one in the m3u file.  Can you make both files use the custom url?

This has been already discussed and declined.
This is not a bug.
We can't change the icons in the xml file on the fly without rewamping the whole system.
This is an M3U editor, not an xml editor.

Please contact the Plex developers and ask them to do their jobs for once in their life time and add the feature to choose between xml and m3u source as all other apps do.
As already said many times, we are not obliged to develop our service around other software's shitty coding.

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