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Copy to Group
Hi Admin

Would it be possible to add a function so when you are editing your channels within a group to have the functionality of copying that channel to a new group - say a Favourites Group instead of just the one option of moving it to a different group.

IE: have a favourites group but still retain the channel in its original group.

Is there a work arround already that I have missed instead of adding each channel to a group via url, tvid, etc etc. This way is very time consuming.


First of all you can bulk edit your channels. You don't have to do it one by one.
Just check the checkboxes in front of the channel and then click the "edit selected channels" button.
Watch the tutorial videos linked in the forum or directly on our youtube channel.

Copying channels into a favorite group is the wrong way to set favorites.

Setting favorites is the task of your IPTV app and most apps can set favorites.

Our app will be able to do it soon as well.

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