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Easier Channel Replacement
Atleast once or twice a month (sometimes weekly) my IPTV providers channel list changes.  I just went through my first update on this platform and I seriously thought about deleting my old list and recreating it, it was that painful.

First it never changed anything automatically.

Second when I clicked on review changes, everything was set to delete so I figured those were all the old channels, and removed them (wasnt a long list) at which point I returned to my group list and selected a few only to find out they all were empty.

Go back and forced a sync, and had to go through rematching everything, and after about 30 minutes of fixing matches I finally noticed the channel numbers started where my old channels left off (2500-3000 instead of 1-400, for some reason it included my VOD items)

After I finished matching everything I had a bunch of channels with 0 as the number, and the new ones I just added, and finally did a channel recount, which fixed it the numbering issue but put the channels in the wrong order.

Would love to see this work much easier in the future.

Channel list -> Channel ID -> Same URL | If URL is different to update
It is working as intended.

We can not develop the site after your taste and your channel list.

You have to learn how it works and adapt. If you don't know something, do not assume, but look for information on the website, use your brain and as a very last resort ask us.

We tried to do things automatically, but it was confusing and too risky. We changed that just a few weeks ago, apparently you weren't around yet.

When you import something, the option is set to delete from m3u.
Not because those are deleted channels, but because we assume, that you don't want to keep them in the first place.

It could also be set to "get epg, keep in m3u", but it doesn't matter. Sooner or later you need to click and set it to the one choice you prefer.
As long as you see a radio button or a dropdown menu, it is always YOUR CHOICE what to do.

Read texts on the site.
It clearly states above the list if they are "NEW CHANNELS" or "DELETED CHANNELS" which means, it is newly added by your provider or deleted by your provider.
You still can keep them, if you want.

And actually this is how it works:
channel url not existing - > update
channel url existing - > no update
channel url existed but not anymore -> delete

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