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No sound on Xiaomi Mi Box 3

I downloaded the EPiG - IPTV Player from the offical Play Store, and i can connect to my registered account (with tv apps code), i see the chanels and the picture is good, but not have sound.. Sad
On the Mi Box 3, all other apps have a sound except the EPiG app.

The next day i try with other Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (i have 2 from this box), but the situation is same, i try upgrade to the Android 8 the boxes, but it is not solved my problem.

Please help in this, the UI and any others is very impressive, but the tv chanels is more better with sound Smile

Best regards
This is the opportunity to learn reading lips :-P

I will forward this to the programmer.
Unfortunately without being able to test it ourselves, I am afraid it will be hard to find the problem, but we will do what we can as fast as we can.
Reply from programmer:
Does the problem occur on some of the channels or all of them? Do other Mi Box 3 users have similar complaints? Your device might not have the required codecs built in.
Thanks the fast answers, yes this is a good opportunity to learn reading lips, if the sounds will work i will mute Smile

No have sound on all channels, i can test with this two mi box 3, i never rooted or make anything on this boxes, boot in full official state.
This boxes go out with android 7 but i upgraded to android 8 (official ota update), but i tested on android 7 and 8 too, the problem is same.

I thin this boxes very popular, have a good price with 4k, hdr and dolby support, your EPiG Application is very good, would be very happy if it worked on it Smile
Thanks for the info.
We will do everything we can to fix this.
So apparently the sound problems are bugs in the Mi Box after the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

Please read their master bug list.

I tested the app on a Mi Box and on Nvidia Shield and on a Sony Bravia TV and the sound issues are present only on the Mi Box.
It is caused by audio codecs issues.

You need to be patient and wait until they fix their bugs.
We can't do anything about it.
Yes, i tested and it is working, thank you the fix!

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