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Found the bug that move EPG to next day
Hi, sorry for the double topic of today, but I think I found the bug that sometimes move the EPG to the next day, causing an empy EPG on the current day. Maybe it caused due a bad char on <desc> TAG. 
As you can see below, the program "Videocomic" become at 05:15 and end at 00:30, and it block all the rest of the EPG of today. 

[Image: MfArLxR.png]

If I go on tomorrow (Sunday 23), I see the correct EPG for today:

[Image: iD0hCzo.png]

Maybe the problem is here, on <desc> tag, that contain quotes and parts of code:

 </programme><programme start="20180921033000 +0200" stop="20180921040000 +0200" channel="">
   <title lang="it">Videocomic</title>
   <sub-title lang="it">Passerella di comici in Tv</sub-title>
   <desc lang="it">la descrizione NON pu� scadere --&gt; &lt;div class="__pilat"&gt;Antologia di sketch e intermezzi comici dai varieta' della Rai dagli anni '50 fino agli '80</desc>
   <category lang="it">Intrattenimento</category>
     <value>per tutti</value>
 </programme><programme start="20180921040000 +0200" stop="20180921044000 +0200" channel="">

Hope it help. Wink
yeah this bug is actually annoying because it happens with a lot of channels..Now i noticed it with again and other sports channels like,,, and
Should be fixed.

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