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Problem with SKY and football match not solved
Hi, I'm sorry to inform you that the problem with SKY channel and the football match where only the first tem is showed is not solved. 

[Image: jucWG0S.jpg]

[Image: SLgBvhn.jpg]

I provide to clean all old data and all Kodi cache, but the problem persist. Thanks in advance. Wink
It seems solved in all SKY Sport Channel! Wink Good job! THANK YOU!

I see it still remain on some other channel, for ex. on RAI channels, but it's not so urgent to solve quickly... just to report  thumbsup

[Image: Q7p15qM.gif]

[Image: 63Ey3ig.gif]
The problem is, that these channels have very bad formatted data.

I can decide, do I want the text behind the "-" be a subtitle or do I want to keep it as a part of the title.

In most cases it is a subtitle so it will stay a subtitle except for sport channels.

If they start adding subtitles as a separate value and not as a part of the title, it will be fixed.

Until then you have to look at the subtitle to get the other team for those sport events.

If your app can't display subtitles, then you use the wrong app.

Hint: the only app on the net that can display subtitles is ours.
Yes on subtitle works fine. Maybe on Kodi the function is not so handy, espacially on multiple channel view (the first screenshot I posted above). But it's not a big problem, and the most important thing is that now Sky Channel are fixed. Wink So, thank you!

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