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Few standard feature requests
I love the app! So much cleaner and professional looking than other IPTV apps. Very well done! Here are some feature requests that seem to be standard for not just IPTV, but tv watching in general.

1. Timeout for the Channel Info Bar. Once you hit Ok to show it, it never disappears unless you click exit. Typically they would disappear after an elapsed period of time with no activity. 
2. 12 hour time option. I understand 24 hour time yet it's a preference for many to have the option between the 2.
3. Ability to switch groups and the channels you can see while looking at the channel info bar. Currently, you have to fully switch groups by holding OK then choosing a channel in a new group. 
4. Display whether the source of the channel is SD or HD
5. Ability to change the channel up or down by pressing up/down. This would allow for flipping through channels quickly 

Thanks for your time and consideration. Again great work!
Thanks for your suggestions.
We will work on them.

I don't understand #3 though.
You want to be able to switch group while looking at the info bar, is that right?
How would you want to do that with today's remote controls, which have 4 arrows, an OK button, a back button and a home button and all of them are already used?
1. won't happen.
2. Already implemented
3. Impossible
4. Only possible with APIs of particular streaming servers. Stream doesn't transport such information.
5. Implemented with Left/Right, will be changed to Up/Down due to technical reason.

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