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Italian channel epg wrong
These italian channels have all the wrong epg (epg live is not the same of the official one):

Also i've noticed that you removed from the channel list the double tvg id for some sky channels that usually change their epg ( and now there is only in the list), i ask you if you can add them again so if sky change their epg we can try both the before contacting you..
ok well then it's not just my problem. The problem is also for serie a, arena and f1.
Hi, from today all Sky Cinema channels (except SKY Cinema Uno and his +24) have wrong EPG. I know that SKY has a shitty data, I want only to report this problem....  so take all your time to check and solve it. Wink

[Image: 553uw5.jpg]

[Image: 2hoxvdd.jpg]
There something wrong with RAI Channels too today....

[Image: D4msmZm.jpg]

[Image: VUQUNQF.jpg]

It's strange... all works fine until yesterday. I'll check tomorrow if problems will be still present, and I'll update the topic.
I check better and I found the problem. All EPG are 24 hours back. The programs of today are the programs of yesterday. I have to check the other channels, but for RAI channels and SKY Cinema this is the problem. Hope it help. Wink
I merged all the italian topics.
I checked the sky channels and none of them had wrong EPG.

We changed the way how these channels were imported and your systems had old data probably.

You need to refresh your data on your devices.
Please read the FAQ!

I deleted all italian data and it will be imported again completely fresh.

All these reports has been declined so far, as I was not able to find any discrepancies in the official data and in our master data.
I try to install a new app on my phone, so the data are completely fresh, but I still see wrong EPG...

[Image: hZXYy9k.png]

[Image: 2Mqcj0v.png]

I see here too the programs of yesterday. Check these 2 screenshot with the official guides I have posted yesterday....

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