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Italian channel epg wrong
Hi, as usual my best compliments for your work. I've encountered problems with some Italian channels, that has completely wrong EPG. More precisely:

-Mediaset Extra 
-Focus TV


-Rai Movie
-Rai Premium
-Rai Gulp
-Rai YoYo

-Discovery Science
-Discovery Channel
-National Geographic 
-NatGeo Wild

-NatGeo People


-FOX Life
-FOX Crime



Sorry, don't kill me... Blush Take all your time to fix these, but I just want to keep this service at top..  Shy
Tell me if I can help you in some way, because I don't like to ask only. Thank you, and sorry again.
Thank you!

Now to your problem:
First read the FAQ please.
All of it!

And then read the forum rules.

After that if you are sure that you have set all your settings on the website and in your device and your app right and your timezone and everything is just how it should be, then compare our EPG with the Sky website or whatever channel's official website and then if you still have problems, then explain the problem and we will see if we can fix it.

Keep in mind that apps still can be shitty. KODI for example on a windows PC needs to be set to +1 hour timeshift in the summertime even if you have set everything right everywhere.

Coming here and telling me "it's wrong" or "it doesn't work" without further explanation and then just linking the sky website without looking at it is something that will just piss me off.

It's nice that you want to help and I appreciate it, but first I need to be sure that you actually know what you are talking about.

Italian Sky channels are simply shitty. It is possible that they break every two weeks, but I refuse to waste my time on them until I know that they are REALLY broken and it'S not just believed by a clueless user that they are broken.

So first convince me that you know what you are doing... and saying "I'm italian" is not enough.
Explain why you believe that it is broken and tell me WHAT is broken and HOW it is broken.
OK... keep calm, and come on step by step. Yes, I'm using Kodi, on a PC (with +1 already set) and on a Android Box (no need to set +1 on timeshift), and all channels with EPG (about 150 of my list) are workig fine with correct EPG, except those that I wrote before.
I spent some days to check before post this topic, so, believe me that I write only after check what ask. Anyway, I'll try to show better what (I think) doesn't work.
For example with RAI channels:

[Image: 301j5nq.jpg]
[Image: mw9nie.jpg]

[Image: 2w2ifq0.jpg]

As you can see it's ok for RAI4 for example, but not with RAI5, RAI Movie and RAI Premium. 

[Image: 2cr7vjl.jpg]

[Image: 1zpk7j6.jpg]

You can see the differences now. Other Mediaset channel (as ex. CANALE5, ITALIA1, RETE4, ITALIA2...) are ok. The problem is only with channel I said on the first post. 
With SKY channel same situation, but after read what you said about them, I don't want to insist. Don't waste your time if thety are broken every 2 weeks. 

I'm sorry for my approach, I did not want to make you angry, and I insist to tell me if there are a way to help you. Really.
I wasn't angry, but if you really checked everything and you are absolutely sure, then say its so, before you start your "complaint".
And say it so in every new topic, because I won't remember tomorrow.
Show me in 1-2 sentences that I can trust you. There are too many people who can't comprehend the simplest things and send us emails about issues which aren't issues, they just didn't even read the texts on the buttons.

Based on that experience I will ALWAYS assume, that you have absolutely no clue, because I don'T know you.

So that being said, I changed the source for the mediaset channels.

All other channels are just simply shitty data provided directly by Sky.

I will check them none the less.
It's ok! Thank you for your support. Wink I'll tell you tomorrow if MEDIASET channels EPG will be fixed.
I confirm that all MEDIASET channels are fixed, and has correct EPG. Wink
I have problems with the following italian channels:
- (epg completely empty 0 shows)

- (the live epg is wrong don't correspond with the official one)

- (the live epg is wrong don't correspond with the official one)

The links I have posted are the correct official epgs for the channels
Let me know when fixed thanks
over these 2 channels I add that even the 2 eurosport channels have epg wrong, the rest everything is ok
 maybe it's just my problem but I do not think however as a screen appears to me a single team in a football event es. Inter instead of Inter Tottenham.

[Image: x3blp0.jpg]
(09-19-2018, 03:12 PM)JuveADP3110 Wrote: Hello.
 maybe it's just my problem but I do not think however as a screen appears to me a single team in a football event es. Inter instead of Inter Tottenham.

[Image: x3blp0.jpg]

Same problem here for those two channels..
I add that the tvgid of the channels are:

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