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Nvidia Shield spinning circle
Cleared my m3u file and started from scratch. I only selected a couple groups to "Get EPG" and made sure every channel in them had an TVG-ID or was marked as "No EPG, keep in M3U". I then uninstalled and then installed the 0.9.8. EPiG doesn’t crash, it just keeps loading no matter how long I let it sit. The loading circle just spins over and over.  Sad
It's impossible.
I will test it tomorrow.
Thanks, looking forward to seeing what you find. I'm happy to send crash reports from my Shield but not sure there are any. The app never crashes, just starts loading with a light blue border down the left side with the middle black and the loading circle just spins and spins. I left it for an hour this morning, still spinning.
I experience the same on my Bravia X800D running AndroidTV 7. There are no crashes - can you please let me know how I can submit logs?
(09-19-2018, 04:09 PM)fehmi Wrote: I experience the same on my Bravia X800D running AndroidTV 7. There are no crashes - can you please let me know how I can submit logs?

If you enabled the crash log sending feature in your settings, then it's enough for us.
We will find and fix the problems.

Please be patient.
Can you please clarify how I can enable crash logs in your app? When I launch the app, it just sits at loading screen with spinning circle - I am not sure how to enter in-app settings. Also, there are no crashes - will crash logs still help in this case?
Same questions as fehmi. My Nvidia Shield doesn't have a setting that I can locate to send crash reports. I even Googled it and the only setting mentions sending crash reports anonymously to Google only. I let the EPIG app sit for over 2 hours yesterday, never crashed just the spinning circle. Would love to help you diagnose any way I can. Thank you.
That's the one.
In Android Settings all the way down "Usage & Diagnostics". Set it to "on".

That will send the reports to us automatically, even if the app is not crashing, but has a malfunction.

The spinning circle is the result of a wrongly formatted EPG which we fix as soon as we find the faulty part.

@wkupike2000 in your case it was Hallmark Drama, which we fixed. It should work now.
If it still doesn't, then there is another channel not working right.

Please read this:
You fixed it. Thank you!!
Ok I have the latest version installed on a NVDIA Shield. I have made play list that work and and some that don't. Like the current on under my account. my email is [email protected] I have 3 cats and only german and english languages, tgs look spot on. So what am I missing?

UPDATE: Just decide to start working, maybe was not waiting long enough for edits to take effect?

UPDATE 2, Worked all last night , open after work and back to death spinning again. I cant see anything in the ply list that is off kilter.


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