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No sound Nvidia Shield
Hi i notice that Hd and Fhd channels have no sound on my Nvidia shield i use Android App (0.9.8)
It is probably a codec issue.
We experienced this on a Nexus Player.

We will test it.
Any ETA on when AC3 codecs are added too Exoplayer ffmpeg?

This only happens when playing HD/FHD channels with AC3 sound, and my "old" plasma tv doesnt encode it and havent any sound system hooked up.

Not sure if u know, but a similar app called TVirl that utilized exoplayer have managed to add ac3 decoding abilities to Exoplayer, and it works fine on Nvidia Shield TV (box without integrated ac3 decoder). 
maybe do a copy/paste ? :-)
Thanks for the details!
We will try to fix it ASAP
(11-13-2018, 11:37 PM)Epg Admin Wrote: Thanks for the details!
We will try to fix it ASAP

Thank u Smile

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