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ExtremeTV and EPG
Are there known compatibility issues with extremeTV on FireTV?
I manage to get the EPG for about half the registered channels in the m3u. I checked the tvg-ID in M3u & xml files and it matches for all channels. I really couldn't find the problem. Note that I used the same files with Kodi/simpleIPTV and Perfect Player and the EPG is loaded correctly for all channels so It seems this is a problem specific to ExtremeTV App. I really want ExtremeTV to work cause it is the only app on FireTV that is able to record with a Timer EPG.
Any advice? tkx!.
I don't know ExtremeTV and I can't tell you anything about it.
If our files work on other apps, just not on that one, then it's clearly their mistake.

I would advice to contact the developers of that app and ask them!
We can't do their job.

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