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Channels you can't ask for
  • HD channels (HD is just a screen resolution. It doesn't change the programming! At least it doesn't in 99.99% of the cases)
  • +1, +2, +24 channels (they are time shifted versions of their main channel - use your m3u to time shift the main EPG)
  • Already available channels (I will ignore every request if I see that you didn't even care to look for them!)
  • Local channels of big networks. (They have in most cases the same programming, just with local news. Waste of time and resources)

  • Red Bull TV

USA & Canada
  • CBSN (or CBS News) US
  • Universal (No such channel in the USA)
  • Food Network Colombia
  • M20 TV
  • TVO Kids (or TV Ontario Kids)
  • ESPN3 (impossible!)
  • ESPN+ (impossible)
  • ESPN College Extra (No EPG/Impossible)
  • IFC (it's Independent Film Channel and is already in the US and Canada list)
  • OLN (it's  Outdoor Life Network and is already in the Canada list) 
  • Centric (it was renamed to BET Her and it's already in the list)
  • Law & Crime Network (Online only - No EPG)
  • CBS Sports HQ (Online Only - no EPG (yet))
  • BET Gospel (no EPG)
  • MLB Strike Zone (no EPG)
  • H2 USA or History2 USA (doesn't exist - became Viceland)
  • Fox Canada (There is no such channel)
  • BYU (is in the list by it's official name Brigham Young University)
  • NFL Now (It's a video service, not a TV channel)

UK & Ireland
  • TNT UK
  • BBC3 UK (it's an internet channel without EPG)
  • True Movies 2 UK (it's called True Movies +1 now and it's a time shifted version of the main channel)
  • True Drama UK (It was shut down in 2016)
  • BeinSport UK
  • EPL LIVE Football Channels (No EPG)
  • HBO UK (there are no HBO channels in the UK. Sky Atlantic broadcasts HBO shows in the UK)
  • Fox News UK (Was banned in UK - no such channel)
  • MTV Live HD UK (No such channel)
  • Sky News Ireland (No such channel since 2006)

  • iTele (Was renamed to CNews and it's in the french list)
  • RTS La Un, La Deux (It's RTS 1 , 2 in Switzerland)
  • Zouzous (There is no such channel! It's on France4 and France5 which are in the list)
  • à la carte (no EPG)
  • Canal Play (no EPG - going to be shut down)

  • Хорошее Кино
  • Много ТВ (doesn't exist. It was replaced by Киносерия and it's in the list.)
  • IQ HD (was renamed to Планета HD and it's in the list)
  • Интересное ТВ (was renamed to Мужское кино and it's in the list)

Germany & Austria
  • Popcorn Select 1-6 (No EPG)
  • Folx TV (No EPG)
  • Kronehit TV (No EPG)
  • Kabel 1 Austria (doesn't exist)
  • ProSieben Austria (doesn't exist)
  • Star Paradies (No EPG)
  • FC Bayern (No EPG)
  • RTL 2 You (DE)
  • FOX Series (doesn't exist)
  • R9 / Regional 9 (No EPG)

  • TVE 24 (Already in list called 24 Horas)
  • Taquilla 1-10 (Already in list called Alquiler)

  • MCS Lifestyle (it was renamed to My Cuisine and it's in the list)

  • TRT 1 Avrupa (it doesn't exist)
  • Mehtap TV (discontinued)
  • Yeşil sinema (doesn't exist)
  • Lig TV (was renamed to Bein Sport)

  • One 2

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