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Color scheme
I am not sure if the app is beta or is it not but it's only its first iteration.

I have one suggestion, the band with EPG that appears when watching a channel could be darker. Now it is light with white letters which makes it very hard to read, especially when being on white background or comparable light background.There are no settings to adjust.

Could have some themes implemented? Dark mode....etc
Thanks for the suggestion.
The app is pretty much in beta state, yes.
We will add options to it later.

Changing the darkness of the background and changing font color is a good idea.
The fonts could be bigger too. Smile
(09-11-2018, 02:48 PM)rainfactor Wrote: The fonts could be bigger too. Smile

Yeah, and my grandma could be a melon if she were green...  Big Grin
We added font resizing, color changing and transparency changing options.

The font resizing will let you with a cut text very often.

We will fix that by implementing auto scrolling in a later version.

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