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Sony TV bugs
Couple of bugs I noticed (on a Sony AndroidTV 2015, latest firmware)

  1.  Quite occasionally on legit channels, it'd show a blank (black) screen. No sound, and showing nothing. While other channels seem okay, not sure why. 
  2. It'll often completely crash if it tries to load/show channels, brief stutter to attempt to show then crash. It'll crash to the home screen.
Thank you!
I moved your topic into the android bug reports forum.

We are receiving crash reports also through the Google Developer site and Firebase.
We will deal with them in the coming days.
Sony Android TV - 2016

It crashes after 1 minute. No error message though, just exits
Interesting, I have a Sony Bravia 2017 and I have no issues whatsoever...
None the less we will look into it.
I have a Sony 2017 and yes it does crash the odd time. Hopefully this can be sorted
It seems that it got fixed. At least mine doesn't crash anymore/

Thank you
(09-11-2018, 02:53 AM)rainfactor Wrote: It seems that it got fixed. At least mine doesn't crash anymore/

Thank you

That's a nice thing to hear!

One of the main crashing reasons was, that we had different episode systems in the data, but we only watched for one of them and the app couldn't interprete the other.

I changed everything to the one system and hopefully those crashes will be history for everybody in the coming days as the data gets updated for every channel.

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