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[FIXED] Update sometimes deleting all channels!
It seems that we have issues with the new autodelete feature.
If you have merged m3u files and you get updates, it can happen that your channels will be deleted.

Please ALWAYS click at the "view changes" button and if you see that an unusually high amount of channels were marked as "deleted", DO NOT click the SAVE button!

Click the "Revert changes" button at the top.

We will look into this issue on Monday!
This has been fixed, but we are still monitoring it.
If you still experience it, please contact us by email!
Just sent you an email regarding this issue. All my channels are gone!!
You should ALWAYS backup your settings.
There is a function for that!
What the story all my channels are deleted
(09-11-2018, 02:07 AM)vsantucc55 Wrote: What the story all my channels are deleted

Please contact us by your registered email address and tell us if you had a merged file and send us both original links which your providers gave you please!
Sent you an email last night, any info on it?


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