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EPG Italian Sky Sport channels

I noticed that most of SKY Italia Sport EPG are wrong. For example the EPG of Sky Sport Uno ITA says that the footbal Match Bologna-SPAL will be live on Monday 27/08 at 20:30 but the match was played by the teams on Sunday 19/08 at 20:30. 

It seems that there is a timeshift of 8 days. Could you please fix that issue? I can use the timeshift option for the single channel because I use GSE Smart IPTV app and, as you mentioned in your FAQ section, it cannot handle timeshift in m3u files.

I quickly check other Italian channels as well (Cinema, Sky Uno, Sky Atlantic, etc) and their EPG seems fine.

Italian SKY is a bunch of lunatics.
I fixed it for now, but sooner or later they will do something stupid, which will make it wrong again.
Sorry for my english  Big Grin

I'm italian, The Italian EPG is right but 2 channels are wrong and they are Sky Sport Serie A and Sky Sport MotoGP these 2 channels have epg wrong please fix them .. On Sky Sport Serie A tomorrow will Juventus-Lazio at 18:00 while in the EPG another thing is written .. same problem for Sky Sport MotoGP tomorrow will qualify for the GP of Great Britain instead in the EPG there is written GP Germany etc ...

I add that the old sky calcio channels have been renamed in Sky Sport the new tvg-id are the following 

For Sky Calcio 1 tvg-id is

Sky Calcio 2

Sky Calcio 3

Sky Calcio 4

Sky Calcio 5

Sky Calcio 6

Sky Calcio 7

Sky Calcio 8

Sky Calcio 9

Please solve this problem and add the new tvg-id
Thank, Regards
Next time please create a new topic. Do not just use old topics, because we do not watch old topics closely.

I changed the two channels.

I don't find any trace about that renaming of the calcio channels on the official sky italia website, so I don't know why I should change those tvg-ids.
from the site there is written more sky calcio 1/2/3 etc .. but only sky sports are 12 channels the new tvg-id are those with old tvg-id ie those of Sky calcio comes old and incorrect EPG.

And EPG Of Sky Sport Serie A and EPG of Sky Sport MotoGP it's still wrong
If I say, I added a channel to the list, it means it will be available after the next server update.
Most probably on the next day.

Sorry, I don't understand what your translator is saying.
It's gibberish.

I can't find any active calcio nor any other Sky Sports 2xx channels on the official sky italia website, thus I can't do anything for you.

Changing the tvg-id will not get you EPG if we don't have the data.

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