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EPG updates not persistent
I have a backup iptv file. When I import this it reports 78 channels in use. However if I select Save All Groups it reports 122 channels with EPG as channels I previously marked as "No EPG exclude from M3U" are changed to Get EPG. These updates don't appear to be persistent.

I'm using Chrome browser in Win10.
Save all groups will save all groups. Nothing else.
It saves name changes to the group or setting changes to the group.

Group settings are inherited by channels within the group.

If you have no epg channels in a get epg group and you click save group, all channels will be set to get epg.

It's not a bug. It's a feature.

If you didn't change anything on the group name, nor do you want to set all your channels to the group's setting, do not use it!

Use the save button inside the group under the channel list if you want to save changes on your channels.

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