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Our Samsung TV App installing from USB
Samsung is a crappy company and they were testing our app since over 2 months, just for declining it again today due to a few small bugs, which we will fix of course.
After that we will probably have to wait another two months to find out if they like it.

That's why we are releasing the app as a demo app and you can install it from an USB stick to your Samsung TV.

The app has bugs which we know of, but you can report bugs none the less in the Samsung App Bug Reporting forum.
Please read the already available topics and don't report already reported bugs!
If you report a bug, please add screenshots or videos or at least a detailed explanation in a comprehensive report with proper punctuation and grammar.

Please download the app from your profile page on the website.

Unpack the rar file and copy the "userwidget" directory to an USB stick.
If the archive is corrupted, update your WinRar to the latest version.

Put the USB stick into your Samsung TV and the app will install itself automatically.

The app will work on all Samsung TV devices built in 2016 and later.

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