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Add/Edit Metadata Like Categories
I would love for the channel editing page to allow for missing/bad meta data to be corrected when the list is generated. An example would be if a source does not provide programme categories for a certain channel, the site could insert a defined category or overwrite the categories for a given channel's programmes. This would be great for categories such as sports and news that could be used for channels that play only that.

Seems like something that would have been asked for before, but I could not find it if it has been.
I don't think this feature could be added without confusing many more people, than those who would find it useful.

If you tell me which channels you have in mind, I can look at them and add a category to them in bulk, if that's what you want and if they really broadcast only programming in that category..
Would that change be across all users or just myself? I ask this as I'm not 100% sure as to if some of the channels are just sports, but for my intents, they would be. I'm assuming it would be for all users so it might not be quite appropriate of a move. If it is not something that can be implemented then I will look into just programming it for myself on my box and use it to proxy and redistribute the modified version, though that does require a bit more work. Smile
I think, you have to do it yourself for now.

If I do it, it's for everybody.

Injecting the personal xml file with additional data on a user level is not something we could pull off easily and we have no time for this right now.


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