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VOD functionality
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It would be incredible if there were a feature that allowed me to enter in the titles and description of VOD movie titles that are provided by my service provider in my IPTV package. I would be more than happy to even input the title, description, and image for the movies (as well as creating a channel-id) myself, if there was a way to have that data populated into the .xml file that you provide with the rest of the channel epg.

There is no way to populate that information in my listings for VOD and it is so frustrating. Youve solved so many of my problems with your service. That would solve the rest!!!
I am not sure if I understand your request.

Many IPTV providers add single movies into their m3u file in a huge list.
Do you mean those by "VOD"?

You want descriptions for those movies in the xml?

If yes, I don't know how it would work.
Basically we would have to clone, because we don't know which provider puts what into their list and even if we could pull that off, you would have to go through tens of thousands of movies to find the one in your list to add it to your xml.

I think, it's not worth it, because you know those movies anyway and they just sit there totally unnecessarily.

If you want to watch "VOD" movies, you have much better options, than IPTV lists.
Like google the KODI addon Exodus.

The only option I would see for this, is pulling the top ten (or 100 or whatever) movies from IMDB and list them in a separate category to check.

I still don't know what it would accomplish and how you would tie them to your list.

If you mean something else by "VOD", there are many VOD channels listed within the EPG files too. For example in the US.
Honestly, I'm not sure if i am saying what i want correctly. But you are correct that i am talking about the VOD titles that IPTV providers include in their playlists. 

Yes, there are many. My dilemma: 
I don't have Kodi. I use Live Channels on Android TV. And I import my IPTV playlist through the TVirl app for Android TV. 
My m3u playlist does not have EPG data, so I use your EPG service to add the EPG data (also by inputting the URL you provide into TVirl)
This works beautifully for my live TV channels. However, the VOD movie titles that my IPTV provider gives access to also don't have EPG data. Therefore, in the UI of Live Channel, the name of the movie comes up truncated (and in very small print) in the space where the channel number should. And in the listings section it says only "No information available"
I'm really just looking for a way to get the title of each movie (and possibly the poster) to populate in the section where the programme data shows up for every channel. I can't read the movie title (or even see it in it's entirety) when it only shows up where the channel number usually is.
If there were a way to have the movie title show up as the "programme title" in the EPG for that channel it  would make things so much more wonderful. 
I only have about 100 titles in my IPTV list. I'm happy to add them in myself. Its just that I am not able to edit your .xml file.
The problem is, that XMLTV has its own structure and it's not suited for a "videothek".

The XML is generated automatically and every title must have a starting and ending time, which those movies don't have.

If I would somehow manage to integrate movie titles into our XML, I would have to add a starting time and ending time to them and you would see the title only in that time.

A tricky solution would be to set them for every day starting at 0:00 and ending at 23:59 but then it would mess up the whole EPG for the other programmings as there were two programmes for everything and no software would know what's happening.

I am certain there is technically no way for you to do what you want to do without messing up your EPG.

Delete those movies from your list, because they are unnecessary anyway, then you don't have to look at the mess  Big Grin
Big Grin 
Thanks so much for that explanation! I have been trying to use my very limited coding skills to come up with a makeshift solution myself. I trust your explanation and I am now going to give up!  Tongue

I also found the Exodus app you suggested on Kodi. What a wonderful suggestion! You have made such a difference! I appreciate it so much!
I'm glad that I could help  Smile

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