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New m3u editor is coming to
We are developing a feature, which will allow us to offer a complete solution for you being able to use our service without the hassle of switching between two websites or having to edit your m3u file manually in regard of adding tvg-ids to it.

We will try to make the m3u recognition and editing completely automatic.

The new feature will be available in about two weeks if everything goes right and this is something we have planned since the beginning.

We don't want to compete with xtream-editor nor do we want to replace their services and if you use xtream-editor, you will be able to keep using it.
We just want that our service is as easy to use as possible and doesn't require our users to sign up on another website.

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New m3u editor is coming to - by Epg Admin - 06-11-2017, 10:48 AM

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