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Marking episodes as new
I have recently started using the service and am happy wih it so far. I used to have to do manual channel matching of my custom m3u file because I use emby server as a PVR. That was tedious and now much easier. However, when my EPG displayed, it accurately marked never before shown episodes as NEW. This made recordinf series a breeze. Now (with iptv-epg), EVERYTHING is marked as new. Could you please try to figure out how to integrate this feature?
I am glad that you like our service.

We will try our best to add this feature.

It will take a little time though.

We can look into it sometime next week.
I looked into it.

Unfortunately very few sources provide that kind of information.

We will try to add it if we have the info, but it will come step by step.

We can't check all the sources at once.
As said previously, this depends on the source and we have very little control over it.
Very few sources mark new shows as new.

We are adding the <premiere /> tag to the xml where we can.

Moved into declined feature requests, because it'S not a feature we can add generally.

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