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EPG Request - BBC America - Galaxy - 03-31-2018

Can you add the BBC America channel, please?  You have BBC America UK (which seems pretty lame that such a channel should even exist), but you don't have the original US version of BBC America.

Thank you for considering.

RE: EPG Request - BBC America - Epg Admin - 03-31-2018

Please read the FAQ how we list channels.

BBC is a british channel, so all BBC channels are listed in the UK.

That BBC America channel is the channel you are looking for, hence the name "America".

RE: EPG Request - BBC America - Galaxy - 04-01-2018

Actually, I would disagree with you that it is a British channel, as it cannot be received in Britain.  I will grant you that it is 50.01% owned by BBC Worldwide (the other 49.99% is owned by AMC Networks), but it is an American cable and satellite channel, and really should be grouped with all the other American channels.  However, thank you for the information as to where I can find the EPG data - I will update my channels accordingly.

RE: EPG Request - BBC America - Epg Admin - 04-01-2018

BBC America is listed on the official BBC website with all the others, so for me it's british Big Grin

How the money is splitted in the background is not my business Smile