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[FIXED] UK Channels - Epg Admin - 02-13-2018


UK channels are back.

We are sorry that it took so long, but we had to collect and process the data starting with zero for 221 channels for 7 days.

Please refresh/reload your EPG in your app/on your device.

Thank you for your patience!

Quote:Since a few days Sky has problems with providing data in the UK.
We will switch to a different source today.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

RE: UK Channels - Blackbear199 - 02-13-2018

site is back to normal as of this morning.

RE: UK Channels - Epg Admin - 02-13-2018

Thanks for the heads up!

RE: UK Channels - rethor09 - 02-13-2018

(02-13-2018, 02:08 PM)EpgĀ Admin Wrote: Thanks for the heads up!

Still have the same Issue on my end. Any ETA for a fix yet?

RE: UK Channels - JustAsking - 02-13-2018

Is their any update on an eta for compleation? Is it likely be available in the next few hours or is it a few days thing?


RE: UK Channels - flurryfish - 02-13-2018

we are still down for UK. Some sort of more detailed communication will be appreciated

RE: UK Channels - Epg Admin - 02-13-2018

We are updating the server manually now, but it's still very slow and it takes already 7 hours, because we had to start from zero.

We thought it will be available in 1-2 hours, but it seems that it will be available only after the next schedulad server update tomorrow on February 14.

We will update the Status Report as always, when it's finished.

Until then we have to be patient.

Thanks for your understanding!

RE: [FIXED] UK Channels - Epg Admin - 02-14-2018

I updated the original post

RE: [FIXED] UK Channels - flurryfish - 02-14-2018

Still not loading for us in XC. Please confirm 100% that the data is available?

RE: [FIXED] UK Channels - Epg Admin - 02-14-2018

Go to your page and click the save button to generate the xml file or wait a few hours until the system update.
We update your xml file every 4 hours.

Also you have to refresh the data in XC.